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Lisa Olmstead

500hr+ Certified Yoga Instructor & Editor of  

While living in Asia, Lisa Olmstead studied Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Meditation in Indonesia, India and Taiwan.   Intrigued by the power of the energetic sciences Lisa later certified in Reiki, Chinese Medicine, QiGong, Yin Yoga and Pranayama. Techniques from each of these modalities are now incorporated into the InnerQi yoga class.

The InnerQiYoga concept was created to describe the technique of strengthening and opening the body all while elevating the body's inner vibration (prana/qi).  This is done through consciously moving the breath through the body's energy centers, such as the chakras, meridians and acupressure points.  This holistic technique invites greater clarity, intuition, healing and self-awareness. The energetic body's power is endless - we just need to pause, listen and learn it's language.  


Lisa teaches in studio on Tuesdays 6-7pm and partnership with an amazing team of teachers ...provides a Zoom Lunch Hour Class for Professionals on Tue/Thur 12-12:45pm. This teacher team is grounded with diverse backgrounds and certifications from a multitude of Energetic Sciences.

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